2017 Accounting

General accounting overview

Rollover from previous events $2,500.00
Ticket sales $47,188.60
Ticket processing fees -$2,777.55
Art/pyro grants -$15,251.25
Equipment, local services, land rental, porto, medical, insurance -$12,414.50
Fuel, supplies, swag, office, ice -$8,038.70
Donation to beatty volunteer fire department (from ice sales) -$850.00

NV live entertainment tax (9% of ticket price)
2017 L.E.T. was paid with 2018 L.E.T. (total 8892.93)

Producer LLC costs/taxes -$350.00

2017 Home

June 22-25, 2017 — Spicer Ranch, Beatty, NV

Tickets on sale now!!

The Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, or SNRG (pronounced “Synergy”), is a Burning Man regional event produced by the Las Vegas region. This is not a party. This is a community. A temporary city. A cultural movement based on 10 practical principles. We don’t book acts or provide entertainment. What happens here is up to you! There is no corporate sponsorship. You are entering a “decommodified” space that values who you are, not what you have. You are expected to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective, and clean up after yourself. Wondering what kind of art to expect?

The temperatures during the event are expected to range from the 50s to the mid-90s low 100s. Luckily there are 2 ponds which you can, at your own risk, choose to swim in if you are not alone, tired, or intoxicated!***

Wondering what kind of art to expect?

Meet GILLY, by Orion Fredericks. One of our first art grant recipients

Photo By Liam Doran




2017 After-burn report

SNRG 2017 After Report

This year’s Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, aka SNRG, was a great success. Moving to Beatty, NV was a big step back to our rural roots as a regional and moving from Boulder City, NV was a big leap forward for the regional. Will the people come to our new location? Will the people of Beatty accept us? I am very excited about the response from the Beatty community. The businesses were happy about the increased business during a normally slow time.
Some of the locals came out and bought tickets and immersed themselves in the event and said they would be back. The landowner, Dave Spicer, was very happy with the event and wants us back. We are going to work with Mr. Spicer to bring some permanent art installations to Spicer Ranch as well as other locations. Mr. Spicer met with the town board, the fire department and police after the event. All of them were happy with the event and look forward to having us back next year. Would the participants adjust and come to Beatty? The answer is yes. 501 tickets were purchased to the event plus another 30 for staff. We are very happy with the initial turnout since we set a cap of 500 to break in the new site. Based on immense positive feedback from the community we expect a bigger turnout next year and will cap the event at 700. A positive article appeared in the Pahrump Valley Times: http://pvtimes.com/entertainment/arts-and-culture-thrive-spicer-ranch-rural-nevada

Gate And Greeters

Gate and Greeters had their own stations. People were met at the gate by volunteer staff during normal gate hours, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and overnight security, 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Attendees checked in through the gomobileevents.com app or by presenting their ID. Attendees received a SNRG event patch, SNRG wristband and a waiver to sign upon arrival at the gate. Attendees were then directed to greeters where they were officially welcomed into the event and given instructions on how to get to their camps. This is also where staging was located for theme camp placement. Both Greeters and Gate ran very smoothly with few issues. We will buy designated scanners for next year’s event to help with the check in procedure.


This year’s event insurance was delayed because of negotiations to have art cars at the event. After getting good documentation on all of our art cars, as well as having them get their own liability insurance, art cars were included in the policy. The cost for our event insurance was reasonable for our type of event and I am very happy with our insurance provider. We had a clean event and expect zero claims.

Fireworks and burn

We take fireworks and burns extremely seriously at the Southern Nevada Regional. We have been doing professionally licensed pyrotechnic displays and burns at our regionals since 2006.
We did a 10-minute pyrotechnic and special f/x display followed by a simultaneous burn of our effigy and temple. Everything was fired and lit remotely for safety.
Our perimeter was anchored by 300 feet of trash fence and a large contingent of volunteers, rangers and event staff. The show, burn and clean up all went perfectly with no issues.

Ice Sales

After talking to local vendors we agreed that they couldn’t handle ice sales for the event. We worked with the local ice vendor and ordered 900 bags of ice for the event to be sold onsite with all proceeds going to a local charity or cause. This year’s recipient is the Beatty, NV Volunteer Fire Department. The ice sales were pretty smooth despite a hiccup by our vendor. Total ice sales were 850 bags, totaling $2,531 in ice sales – $1700 in ice costs = $831 in profit. We raised $850 for the volunteer dept with ice sales and look forward to doing this again next year.

Budget for Art Grants

We had 22 applications for art grants totaling $25,000. We funded 16 projects totaling close to $10,000. More than $5,000 was spent on the pyrotechnics and burn. We hope to spend more on art in the future. The late start on ticket sales made it difficult to gauge our total budget for the event. We look forward to bringing more art in the future, especially fire arts. A substantial art grant was given to Orion Fredericks to bring his large fire sculpture, “Gilly,“ to the event and it was a great success. We are ecstatic about our first round of art grants and look forward to more in the future. There was a lot of non-funded art brought to the event as well. Lots of interactive and tactile art made for an immersive environment at the event.

Leave No Trace

We did a very good job of LNT at the event. Several camps hosted different mooping events throughout the week. The DPW lead a large clean up of the burn area pre-burn, the land had thousands of pieces of broken pvc pipe scattered over a large area. Volunteers picked up over 15 bags of pvc leaving the spot better than we found it. Campers did an excellent job of taking their trash with them. We had a few people leave their trash behind and it was removed by SNRG staff. SNRG and the land owner were very happy with the final walk-through of the property. We left zero trace.

Theme Camps

We had more than 22 theme camps offering various experiences. We are happy with the theme camps overall, they did a wonderful job of creating interactive experiences. Over the last couple of years we’ve had sound issues with large sound camps. Upon implementing better placement strategies, the sound camps were well received this year and didn’t overwhelm the whole event with their sound. All the camps did a great job on leaving zero moop. We are pleased with the diversity of our theme camps.

What Went Well

  • The event security and wristbands kept people from sneaking in. This changed the event because we only had committed participants on site.
    The gate and check-in went very smooth.
  • Event placement and the new property went over very well.
  • Fire and safety went very well including the new “zen zone” for overwhelmed participants.
  • The new DPW kicked ass and took names.
  • Staff in general kicked ass.
  • Volunteers and the volunteer coordinator went very smoothly.
  • Burn Night and overall burn operations were very well coordinated.
  • The communication and interactions with the property owner and his staff went very well. We look forward to working with both in the future.
  • The interaction and communication with the Beatty community, its leaders, and agencies couldn’t have gone any smoother, and we look forward to working with them in the future and making an impact on the city of Beatty with commerce and art.
  • The trash fence for The Burn was a very good thing and helped the perimeter crew do their job.
  • Ice sales and donating to the Beatty community went very well, we will be doing this again.
  • Rangers did a great job and were very useful and cooperative.
  • The free showers and the open-air shower/cooling station went over very well and eliminated camps with gray water.
  • Electronic sign boards on the highway made it easy for participants to find the event and also let highway traffic know to slow down.
  • Moving to Spicer Ranch was awesome and we can’t wait to go back.
  • Sound camp placement versus open camping has been an issue in the past. Putting the large sound camps away from open camping and pointing their sound uphill eliminated the sound bleeding as well as the issue.

What Didn’t Go Well

  • The offline phones and ipads for check-in were a failure. Next year we will buy a dedicated online phone for check-in and that phone will remain at the gate at all times.
  • The one-way signs for the roads need to be more clear. There will be better signage and coverage next year so people understand the one-way road system.
  • Better barriers for closed ponds are needed.
  • We will check into natural remedies to eradicate duck mites at the swimming pond. Only the top pond will be open for swimming.
  • Trash containers normally on the property need to be removed for the event so participants don’t fill them up and leave more work for the DPW and SNRG staff.
  • Paying $600 to have the road signs towed to the site is grossly over-priced. Next year we will offer a free ticket and a small gas stipend to participants to have them bring the signs out to Spicer Ranch.
  • We will add a few more people to the DPW crew, those guys worked hard.
  • The record heat was an issue. We will be doing the event at least a week earlier next year and hopefully mother nature will cooperate with normal expected temperatures.
  • One designated place for lost and found items will be established for next year.

ICE Sales

Ice will be on sale for $3.00 per bag on Friday and Saturday from 10am-11am. CASH ONLY!

2017 Art preview

Some of the grant-funded art projects you will experience at SNRG:

The Lollipop Forest
Mike Pierce

Let your imagination soar as you travel through this forest of sweet lollipops. Let your taste find a new sensation every hour.

The Wheel Of Fortune – a chance of pleasure and pain
Mike Pierce

Spin the wheel, tempt your fate. Get shocked by the Duke, hug a stranger, sing a song, do a dance, and so much more. Let fate be your guide and see what life has in store for you.

Trina Medina

SWNG is an art-play project. It is an 11′ tall two-person swing built utilizing wood & steel, with support structures constructed in the silhouette of the Burning Man logo. We invite participants to play and experience both the active and contemplative fun that something about swings just brings about.

Giant kaleidescope
Robin Slonina

5-foot-long interactive kaleidoscope that takes two people to operate

The Journey
Ernest Hemingway

The Journey installation is a mortise and tenon, interlocking, wood structure in the scale of a contemporary home. The semi circle dimensions are approximately 42’ in length by 21’ wide and 10’ tall. The structure creates an 8’ interior corridor lit with addressable LED lights responsive to the accompanying audio experience. The structure presented at SN-RG represents one half of the entire experience presented at this year’s burn.

SN-RG Shower Express
Dennis Rotsch

We are operating as a theme camp from 10am-5pm (maybe later depending on circumstances) with hot showers. We will feature a lounge with vanity mirrors to get yourselves sparkled up and ready for the day and places to sit and relax and massage my feet.

The Iron Curtain
Anthony Bondi

The iron curtain is a patented tactile immersion corridor with a mile of ball chain strands inside it. It was developed in BRC Between 1997 and 1999.

Kundalini temple

A sacred space to let your emotions free. You’re able to write, draw, and bring things that don’t serve you anymore. Moving forward into this new future with no ties is what it’s about. Our Goddess Shiva, Durga, and Ganesh will have their presence to calm you.
There will be soft music with healing frequencies to sooth your soul.
Welcome to your temple, welcome home.)'(

The Chillgoda
Rebel Dharma

The Chillgoda is an interactive art piece by Artist Rebel Dharma from Alkaline Arts, LLC.

Cat Herder
Jeff Jones

An Alice in Wonder Land / Steam punk grandfather clock showing a calendar of events.

Flaming Pussy 3.0
Donna Manto

An interactive sculpture

Lisa Phoenix Youtie

A multimedia art installation combining elements of stained glass, wood, metal and fire to depict a pastoral scene of moths dancing in a flame.

Lisa Phoenix Youtie

Ginormous mirror balls that shoot fire

“Gilly” and the “Twins”
Orion Fredericks

Three high power combustion fire sculptures, alien in nature.

“Screen Ceiling”
Ihara Dutra

Imagine a dome. Imagine you enter the dome and find an LED ceiling full of color, and a wall that invites you to play with it. Now imagine when you “touch” the projection, the LED screens in the ceiling react to it. Now you are operating the light show; Yay!

2017 Art and Events

Art Preview

Get an idea of the amazing art you’ll get to interact with at SNRG!


Event Schedule /What/Where/When/

Printable schedule

This year, the schedule of events participants are planning (aka “What Where When”) will be available through the ticketing app!

SNRG Event App

Visit the event app link and enter the e-mail address you used to purchase your ticket.

If it is your first time logging in, the password box will be used to set your password. Type anything you want. You will receive a verification e-mail to activate your login.

Once you are logged in, click on “schedule” to view and add events

Are you looking for center camp? Are you looking for a shade spot or a place to perform or gather?

Hi everyone SNRG does not have a designated center camp. instead we have a rad theme camp called IN SEARCH OF. IN SEARCH OF offers a community gathering and performance space 24×7. If you’re looking for fun, friends and family look no further IN SEARCH OF is your community! Music, People, Talks and Art. When these four combine, new worlds, relationships, and experiences grow.

We will be building a community stage and gathering area. which includes the

Titan Stage, pa,complete dj set up, lights, projections, shaded dance floor, enclosed lounge, Xanadu a enclosed 3 story lounge with balcony. All of this is available for your talks, dj’s ,takeovers, hiding from the heat and more. Before you say that 450ft walk was to far we have a shuttle running daily from the gate to IN SEARCH OF. For sign ups please follow this link. https://goo.gl/forms/lArrI32QZgmgiAx63
For direct questions email mizenter@aol.com   Thanks.

Let’s sneak in, LOL!

SNRG has a zero tolerance policy against people attempting to sneak in to the event. Non-ticketed participants are not covered by event insurance and put the future of this and similar events in jeopardy. Attendees will be easily identified by RFID wristband