April news

We have 22 theme camps registered so far: 16 returning and 6 virgin camps! Register your theme camp as soon as possible. Theme camp registration closes May 14.

We’ve been talking to some fire artists with playa-sized fire art sculptures and we are excited about the possibility of bringing some of this large-scale art to the event.

If you have any plans to bring art please do . reach out if you need placement help. Art grants are closed.

2017 Theme Camps

A theme camp provides the city an activity or communal space. Participate by creating your own. Theme camps are placed prior to the event, listed in the event guide and let people come to you.

[Registration has closed]

Registered camps:

    • Camp Cuddle Bus
      Come on down and cuddle your pal! At Camp Cuddle Bus, we believe in the softer side of the burn and providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere for all participants. Come recharge in our 24 hour chill zone or awesome bus rooftop observatory!

      Now in our fourth official year, our upgrades include the world premiere of our remote controlled flamin’ spank machine, custom designed foam-filled cuddle puddles, and a live action interactive “children’s show”! (not for children) Be a kid again and make a friend in our playpen; see ya there!

    • Camp Darkstar
      This is the deep space observatory. I will bring my telescopes and give guided tours of the universe.
    • Dragnet
      I interrogate people…..have 2000 soundbites off old dragnet shows sequenced into interrogations using his voice……suspects answer questions on microphone….
    • Dusty Acres
    • Federation of Degenerates
      We are a Burner Union defending and protecting Burner Rights on Playa. We are also offering important burner training and opportunities to practice ill-gotten skills.
    • Greeters station aka NOT OK Corral
      In classic western style, we will greet the fuck out of all SNRG participants!
    • GOODSON and the Ghost
      An outdoor music stage with a plethora of instruments for your jamming pleasure
    • Jam Camp
      Hullo fellow Synergers! Jam with us at Jam Camp; no matter your skill level, fun is the key. Play all day and into the night on professional gear. Yamaha drums, Les Paul and Stratocaster guitars, Ibanez bass, Fender tube amp, JC 120 amp, Roland Handsonic electric drum pad, Sennheiser mics, Allen & Heath 16-channel board, Digitech sound processor. Fun! Fun! Fun! See you in the mix!
    • The Journey + Burners Without Borders
      Offering you daytime and nighttime activities and adventure, The Journey will have three rings, placed street-side, lit up to welcome you to our camp of activities. During the day, have fun at our self-serve spin art bike where you can decorate your favorite clothing items. From 2pm – 4pm stop by and choose from a variety of well known burner artists’ designs to silk screen on your clothing. Our open bar will be available at night to help you quench your thirst along your travels, or you can chill by our propane fire pit in our lounge area. All amenities are under cover so come by for some shade during the day or some drink at night.
    • Playa Wars
      In the near future, less than a parsec away… PLAYA WARS! Our patrons will be armed with lazer tag guns and given garments to increase their visibility then set loose into the event grounds to attempt to assassinate one another! Open nightly after sun down..
    • Playfully Yours, Bear Naked Tramps Village, Mister Cool Camp
      Playful BDSM dungeon camp and a naughty photo studio and mister camp.
    • Post Nuclear Planet
      Our camp is a post-war collective of nuclear disaster survivors gathered in the wasteland. Our camp is cobbled together from remnants of our previous lives. We bide our time in the post-nuclear winter by engaging fellow wasteland dwellers in 1950’s class and style.
    • Puddle Planet
      A water theme camp including a slip & slide, foam machine, water gun armory, and water fight battle arena
    • Rebel Scum
      Camp rebel scum is back again! The scummiest of the scum are hitting the regional this year even harder! With live music day and night, pyrotechnics, and our famous Yoda soda! Please join us again and let’s have an awesome regional! Huge party tent that fits 150 people, great DJs, and the best time you’ll have!
    • Redneckery
      A fun-filled theme camp serving homemade wine and playing psy trance music. We have fun and games and naughty entertainment.
    • Rootist Lounge & The Badlands Bordello
      By day, the Rootist Lounge is a yoga healing camp, and by night, we transform into a Steam Punk Saloon.
    • S’mores ‘n’ Amour
      S’mores!  Need we say more?  Come get your chocolate fix nightly at sundown.
    • Share Love Camp
      Share Love camp’s intention is to create and spread the love feeling and vibe helping people to tune themselves into the love space . Its purpose is to bring awareness about love as a subject that can be studied as science to ultimately develop an organizational model to be applied to common human problems and needs. Camp Activities: Workshops – Breath of Sound: Guided meditation through breath, sound and yoga movements. Share Love: from the greek definition to the 5 languages of love, a guide how to feel express and share love with others.
      Sunrise Breakfast: because coffee and eggs
      Night Art installation: the 30ft dome during the night will have sounds at 528hz (the frequency of love) and LED screen visuals.
    • SNRG Shower Express
      Free showers during designated hours!
    • Spontaneous Combustion Fire Camp
      This camp is a location for fire dancers to check in and perform with the conclave as well as at the camp stage. Fire dancing at night and daytime flow classes are encouraged.
    • Synchro
      Community stage for any and all performing arts.
    • TaDa
      Camp Tada is bringing the Olé… One Burner at a time! GET ready for:
      LoungeOlé : A Recycled rainbow LED covered garden of bliss; Tunes provided by DJ Press play; Pillows, tapestries, art and singing bowls make for comfy sensory explorative space  to regroup and embrace in intimate conversation alongside our signature fruit infused vodka cocktails.
      Our Gypsy Boutique provides the desert dwellers with style and comfort in true burner style. This gift-based boutique will be open daily with our campers serving as stylists and fashion gurus protecting all from the harsh fire that sets in the west, and its cool absence.
      Buddha Bar has joined us from the far west known as LA LA Land and will be serving daily to participants equipped with proper beverage consumption receptacles.
      THE Champagne Bacon Brunch SHALL COMMENCE UPON THE RISING OF THE FIRE FROM THE EAST. We will host a brunch on Sunday including veggie bacon and then begin the MOOP Parade where we hand out trash bags to other weekend residents to assist with LNT efforts.


Everyone is a Participant

This is not a regular “festival,” it is not a passive experience where everything is planned, orchestrated, and prepackaged by the event producers, and attendees just come and enjoy the show. It is the exact opposite… the people who attend are active participants in every sense of the word. They create the city, the interaction, the art, the performance, and ultimately the “experience.”

Information and application forms:

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June 14-17, 2018 — Spicer Ranch, Beatty, NV

The Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, or SNRG (pronounced “Synergy”), is an event produced by the Las Vegas region. This is not a party. This is a community. A temporary city. A cultural movement based on 10 practical principles. We don’t book acts or provide entertainment. What happens here is up to you! There is no corporate sponsorship. You are entering a “decommodified” space that values who you are, not what you have. You are expected to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective, and clean up after yourself.

The temperatures during the event are expected to range from the 50s to the low 100s. Luckily there are 2 ponds which you can, at your own risk, choose to swim in if you are not alone, tired, or intoxicated!***


The Black Hole Greeters station . Photographer Fred Morledge
Sebastian and friends.
Photo by Leonardo Oscar Hernandez‎
Badlands Bordello
Photograph by Carey Cowart
The Mighty Duck Pond
Photo by Elecktra QT or Bob Henze or someone.

It’s happening!

The Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, aka SNRG, will be held June 22-25 at the historic Spicer ranch in Beatty NV. The ranch comes with swimming holes, meadows, ample space for us, and a great area for a burn. We just reached an agreement today, so stand by for announcements and ticket sales. This regional can’t happen without you, so be prepared for signups for theme camps, art submissions, AND VOLUNTEERING!