Packing list

Shamelessly stolen from Playa Del Fuego’s website. Thanks

What to Bring:

  •  Tent/Tarps (2-one for under tent and one for on top if rainy/wet)
  • Sleeping Gear (mattress, pillow, blankets, etc.)
  • Camp Chair
  • Water/Booze/Food/Ice/Cooler
  • Plate, Fork, Spoon, Knife, Bowl, Cup (plastic ones, just rinse and/or wipe off and REUSE = no trash)
  • Clothes and Costumes/Wigs/Makeup/Hats, etc.
  • Hygiene Items (Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower sandals and the like. SNRG does have showers, so bring shower stuff if you plan on showering while at the event.)
  • Towels
  • Baby Wipes (They can be your best friend at a burn, but do NOT put them in the potties.)
  • Trash Bags (The majority of burners un-package things, take bags out of boxes, etc. to help cut trash down. If you don’t pack it in, you don’t have to pack it out.) Take all your trash out with you!
  • Flashlights and/or Lantern
  • Extra Batteries
  • If you smoke, bring a portable Ashtray (metal mint and candy containers work great for this)
  • Lip Balm and Hand Lotion (you can never have too much of either of these)
  • Any medications you take daily, Vitamins and Emergen-C (Electrolyte replacements are great for the next morning when you may wake up feeling a little dehydrated)
  • Bug Spray (Sometimes we need it, other times we don’t, sometimes we need more than can be found in the entire state of Delaware)
  • Sunblock & Sunglasses
  • Toilet Paper (The potties usually have T.P. but always bring a back up roll of Single Ply paper that is suitable for septic systems.)
  • Art supplies for any projects you may want to do.
  • Musical instruments that will stand up to damp or hot weather (This is no place for that vintage Gibson L-7)
  • Directions
  • Ticket/Confirmation Email
  • I.D. (will be checked at the gate)


There will be two accessible ponds during the event. They are fed by artesian springs and are not used by the local livestock. Participants may swim at their own risk; there will be NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY. The water has not been tested for parasites. DO NOT swim while tired, intoxicated, or alone! If you see anyone not following these rules, please contact the rangers. There will be phone numbers and radio channels posted at the ponds in case of emergency. Free showers are available near the event entrance

Bike Trails

There are 4 distinct mountain biking trails at Spicer Ranch. These trails are meant for mountain bikes!! The terrain is rough. It is not recommended to try these trails on beach cruisers or other non-mountain bikes

  1. Spicer Ranch Trail – 2.5 Miles. This is a rolling trail of moderate difficulty that travels past ponds and active quarries. You will travel to the eastern most reaches of the Ranch before looping back around South Pond and returning to the trail head. You can reach the Southpond Mountain Trail from this route.
  2. STORM Trail – .75 Miles. This easy route travels along a lush green meadow with a natural seep where you may hear toads and see other wild life. It is quite a treat to see green grass and water in a desert environment. You can access the Spicer Ranch Trail and Dynamite Trail for this route.
  3. Southpond Mountain Trail – 1 Mile. This intermediate trail is a mellow climb up to the top of Southpond Mountain. From here you will be able to view the entire Ranch and Valley below. Once on top you can take a small loop and head back down the way you came.Please give downhill riders the right -of way so they don’t no go over the handle bars and into the rocks trying to get out of your way.
  4. Dynamite Trail. 2 Miles. Named for the exploratory mining long ago, this trail is all its name suggests. It will hand you 1650 Ft of climbing over just 2 miles. To ride or hike this trail will take good physical and technical skills. It will be Dy-No-Mite!

For more information:


Site Info

Spicer Ranch, where our little temporary city will spring to life.

Site map



Yes. There are free cold showers available 24/7 or warm showers at SNRG Shower Express camp during designated daytime hours

Yes. Ice will be sold on Friday and Saturday (time TBD, the word will get around) for $3 per 10lb bag. Profits will be donated to a local Beatty charity

SNRG has a zero tolerance policy against people attempting to sneak in to the event. Non-ticketed participants are not covered by event insurance and put the future of this and similar events in jeopardy. Attendees will be easily identified by RFID wristband


No. Small inflatables may be permitted, but the ponds are not big enough to accommodate larger watercraft. If it wasn’t made for your average swimming pool, please don’t bring it.

  • Any volunteer working 12 hours or more of volunteer shifts during our 2017 event will be eligible for a 40% discount to the 2018 event. You must sign in and sign out in each department you work to receive credit towards the discount. If you are disruptive or asked to leave a shift by the lead of that department, you will not be credited for that day's hours. We depend on volunteers to make the event run and keep you safe. Fire perimeter equals 4 hours credit. This policy covers gate, greeters, medical, fire perimeter, specialty, zen. DPW gets their own crappy policy: feed and booze when spotted. They need it.
  • Yes, but it requires prior approval. You need to review the document for open fire and abide by the safety directions. Fires in the open camping area are not allowed. If you would really like a fire read the document and submit to get approval.

    No, there are no hookups. This is primitive camping, restrooms are porta-potties and there is no water on site either. You cannot dump your waste.

    Yes, you can bring your RV. There isn’t a designated spot for RVs but as your RV is a great sound block we may suggest a spot that strategically blocks sound.

    If it’s illegal you can’t and shouldn’t do it. All real world laws are applicable at SNRG including gravity ;).

    To verify your age. If you are under 21 then you will be given a different colored wristband. Your photo id can also be used to verify your entry into SNRG if you have forgotten your ticket.

    Don’t stress. Just make sure you have your photo id and as long as the tickets were purchased in your name then our master list can be used to verify you at the gate.

    Yes, for more information click the tickets link.

    The Fire Department pre-approves all open fire and flame effects. This means that you need to answer some questions prior to the event. Your fire safety procedures will be reviewed before and during an inspection at the event. Fire and flame effects can only be used in the open areas at SNRG and cannot be used in the areas marked as open camping.

    We have a policy on photography / videos that you should read especially if you are intending on using any imagry you capture for any purpose other than personal (eg facebook with friends). See the photography policy


    One time at Burning Man a ranger working the Man burn was blinded in one eye and their other eye was damaged by a handheld laser used in an irresponsible manner by an unknown participant. For this reason we ask that handheld lasers not be used in any capacity at this year’s regional burn.

    One of the principles of Burning Man is radical inclusion.  However, at SNRG there are loud noises and music, pyrotechnics, moving vehicles, natural predators, and areas of the map where a pet may be hurt. There are no pets allowed at this event.

    One of the principles of Burning Man is radical inclusion.  In that spirit, this year SNRG will be admitting children, but only with the immediate accompaniment/supervision of a parent or guardian. If you are bringing your children, you should practice active parenting and watch your children and keep them safe and entertained. This is an all ages event but this is a rugged terrain and you should watch out for your child’s well being and safety. If you are interested in creating a Kidsville area and camping with other parents to create child-friendly content and activities, please contact us.

    Children 11 years old and under do not require a ticket. Any person 12 years old and over DOES require a ticket. Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be checked in with a parent or legal guardian before admittance to the event.

    General Admission will be Thursday onward, so please come when gates open at 11am on Thursday June 22. If you are setting up a theme camp, art installation, mutant vehicle or are part of the Public Works Team then you are able to come in on Wednesday with approval, gates should be open by 11am for early arrivers. The gate procedure is still applicable for early arrivals and you’ll need to have a valid ticket and ID and be assigned a wristband.  Wednesday night is setup only, so theme camps will not be operating. If you are thinking of turning up at the gate on Wednesday without a good reason, then think twice. We’re not there to start the party early, we’re there to get-r-done.  Thanks for understanding!


    The Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, or SNRG (pronounced “Synergy”), is a Burning Man regional event produced by the Las Vegas region. This is not a party. This is a community. A temporary city. A cultural movement based on 10 practical principles. We don’t book acts or provide entertainment. What happens here is up to you! There is no corporate sponsorship. You are entering a “decommodified” space that values who you are, not what you have. You are expected to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective, and clean up after yourself.

    Past Las Vegas Regional Events:

    2016 : The Event Horizon

    2011 – 2015 : The Forgotten City

    2005 – 2010 : Dark Skies