Just hangin out. Photo by DabselAdams.com

Theme camps

A theme camp provides the city an activity or communal space. Participate by creating your own. Theme camps are placed prior to the event, listed in the event guide and let people come to you.

2019 registration has closed.

2019 Theme camp preview:

SNRG Information Radio
SNRG Information Radio 106.9 returns for its second year. Hear all your favorite tunes, including the ones you haven’t heard yet. Plus all sorts of other shenanigans we have in store!

Camp Redneckery
Sound/Bar/Party Camp offering various forms of music, homemade wine, cajun cooking, and covered dome to hang out in.

We have our LoungeOle-a pretty relaxing lounge with very low volume vibes and specialty cocktails. Next is our pop up grilled Cheese station-each day we will open our cheesy station for an hour or two, we will also be bringing back the Gypsy boutique to style and update everyone to bring out their best individual style. We are also hosting the Pocket Unicorn Meet Greet and Walk.

Dr. Spanky’s Art Park 
Dr. Spanky’s Art camp will be an are of various art with and Dr Spanky’s art to play on.

Ren & Skimpy
Ren Faire flair! vibrator races! AED location

The Corner Bar
It’s simple, A small corner bar with some stools and a bar that loves to have people sign their name and any other thought’s of wisdom on it. It’s a Martini bar, with some scotch. Hours of operation are when ever I am in camp. After sundown is the best time for a martini. Look for the martini sign, if it’s on, the bar is open.

Rebel Scum
Rebel Scum is a sound camp coming from the depths of the rebel galaxy ! Returning with New Rebel Scum DJ structure ( the pyramid cathedral ) small bar with Yoda soda(+21/non booze drinks) and sweet treats, along with random day time activities and night time Rebel-MAYHEMness into the early hours into the mornings, Also the famous Rebel Scum Swag for everyone at SNRG, New designs for 2019

Flamin’ Java
Breakfast, coffee, pancakes, You know us!

You Can’t Drink Here 
Ping Pong bar serving draft beers.

Strangers (from a strange land)
Absinthe Lounge @ Balloon Bar

CANDYBAR offers evening cocktails with candy themes, and glow-in-the-dark cotton candy freshly spun from a vintage machine.

Color Therapy
Color Therapy explodes with all the colors of the rainbow and invites participants to journey through the Color Wheel.

Cheezy Oasis 
misters, cheese sandwiches, bead making, drinks and music. A cool place to hang out in the day

The Mansion 
A decommodified “Playboy Mansion” where silliness and sexiness is encouraged. Trying to be the fanciest trailer in the park.

Natural Fitness 
Natural Fitness is about exercise with minimal equipment and allowing and encouraging (but not requiring) nude participation. Fitness, Frankness and Positive Body Image are our goals. We do yoga at 10am and games (such as volleyball, bean bag throw, speed-minton, horse shoes or disk toss) scheduled for 6pm.