The city is run and built by volunteers. If you would like to get involved in the creation, running or tear down please fill out an application or contact a volunteer at the event.

Available Areas:

Gate Crew / Greeters:  Gate Crew will get people to fill out their forms, present their tickets and get them ready for their adventure and then pass you to the Greeters.  Greeters are the “real” introductions to our city.  Greeters will welcome you with a hug, a shot (if you want), or a spanking (again, if you want).

Setup Crew:  The work begins before the weekend with building the infrastructure of the city, place signs and port-o-potties, and setting up the various areas for our citizens and our volunteers.

Placement:  Placement works with larger camps to make sure you know where your home is and that your neighbor isn’t going to be playing dub-step remixes of Seasame Street songs at 1 in the morning… unless you are into that sorta thing.

MOOP Patrol:  M.O.O.P (Matter Out of Place) is everyone’s problem.  We are a Leave No Trace event, and our MOOP Patrol makes sure we leave our site cleaner than when we arrived.

Medical: With the amount of people attending our event, trained medical staff is a necessity.  A first aid kit will not cut it. If you have the skills (e.g. EMT Basic Certification) with experience and would like to volunteer for a shift then your services would be greatly appreciated.

Zen Zone:  Zen Zone crew helps when your good time turns into a nightmare.  Zen Zone offers a safe space where people can relax and wait for the good times to return.

Ranger:  A rangers job is to uphold the principles of Burning Man.  They address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts.  We are looking for not only seasoned Black Rock Rangers, but regional Rangers who are interested in learning how to be mediators in khaki.

Fire Perimeter:  As we like to burn things, we want to ensure the safety of our participants.  Fire Perimeter keep people away from places they shouldn’t be and ensure that our event has no injuries or worse.

And other opportunities await:



Will I get a discounted ticket for volunteering?

Any volunteer working 8 hours or more of volunteer shifts during our 2018 event will be eligible for a discount to the 2019 event. You must sign in and sign out in each department you work to receive credit towards the discount. If you are disruptive or asked to leave a shift by the lead of that department, you will not be credited for that day’s hours. We depend on volunteers to make the event run and keep you safe. Fire perimeter equals 4 hours credit. This policy covers gate, greeters, medical, fire perimeter, specialty, zen. DPW gets their own crappy policy: feed and booze when spotted. They need it.