Hi everyone SNRG does not have a designated center camp. instead we have a rad theme camp called IN SEARCH OF. IN SEARCH OF offers a community gathering and performance space 24×7. If you’re looking for fun, friends and family look no further IN SEARCH OF is your community! Music, People, Talks and Art. When these four combine, new worlds, relationships, and experiences grow.
We will be building a community stage and gathering area. which includes the
Titan Stage, pa,complete dj set up, lights, projections, shaded dance floor, enclosed lounge, Xanadu a enclosed 3 story lounge with balcony. All of this is available for your talks, dj’s ,takeovers, hiding from the heat and more. Before you say that 450ft walk was to far we have a shuttle running daily from the gate to IN SEARCH OF. For sign ups please follow this link. https://goo.gl/forms/lArrI32QZgmgiAx63
For direct questions email mizenter@aol.com   Thanks.