Sub-a-tom-ic: Smaller than or occurring within an atom.

The Nucleus does not understand that Relativity is our enemy. We pull into Spicer Ranch and search for a Shrink-o-Pod or an Anti-Relativity Machine. We need to become itty-bitty to go on a sub-atomic journey. We hammer on an atom to break it and dive inside. Once there, we confront the Wave/Particle Paradox. Are we Particles or Wavicles? We are heading for a brick wall, too fast to stop. We turn to liquid and then into a radio wave. We pass through the wall. On the other side, we are solid again. Someone needs to count all these Neutrinos. All around us are piles of raw Quarks. We need cooks to improve them. They have many flavors, but which is best? Does Up taste best, or Down? Bottom or Top? Charm or Strange? What does Charm taste like? Adventurous cooks combine them. Off in the dark is a nest of anti-particles.
Welcome to the journey.