Some of the grant-funded art projects you will experience at SNRG: The Lollipop Forest Mike Pierce Let your imagination soar as you travel through this forest of sweet lollipops. Let your taste find a new sensation every hour. The Wheel Of Fortune – a chance of pleasure and pain Mike Pierce Spin the wheel, tempt your fate. Get shocked by the Duke, hug a stranger, sing a song, do a dance, and so much more. Let fate be your guide and see what life has in store for you. SWNG Trina Medina SWNG is an art-play project. It is an 11′ tall two-person swing built utilizing wood & steel, with support structures constructed in the silhouette of the Burning Man logo. We invite participants to play and experience both the active and contemplative fun that something about swings just brings about. Giant kaleidescope Robin Slonina 5-foot-long interactive kaleidoscope that takes two people to operate The Journey Ernest Hemingway The Journey installation is a mortise and tenon, interlocking, wood structure in the scale of a contemporary home. The semi circle dimensions are approximately 42’ in length by 21’ wide and 10’ tall. The structure creates an 8’ interior corridor lit with addressable LED lights responsive to the accompanying audio experience. The structure presented at SN-RG represents one half of the entire experience presented at this year’s burn. SN-RG Shower Express Dennis Rotsch We are operating as a theme camp from 10am-5pm (maybe later depending on circumstances) with hot showers. We will feature a lounge with vanity mirrors to get yourselves sparkled up and ready for the day and places to sit and relax and massage my feet. The Iron Curtain Anthony Bondi The iron curtain is a patented tactile immersion corridor with a mile of ball chain strands inside it. It was developed in BRC Between 1997 and 1999. Kundalini temple Hi-C A sacred space to let your emotions free. You’re able to write, draw, and bring things that don’t serve you anymore. Moving forward into this new future with no ties is what it’s about. Our Goddess Shiva, Durga, and Ganesh will have their presence to calm you. There will be soft music with healing frequencies to sooth your soul. Welcome to your temple, welcome home.)'( The Chillgoda Rebel Dharma The Chillgoda is an interactive art piece by Artist Rebel Dharma from Alkaline Arts, LLC. Cat Herder Jeff Jones An Alice in Wonder Land / Steam punk grandfather clock showing a calendar of events. Flaming Pussy 3.0 Donna Manto An interactive sculpture Moths2theFlame Lisa Phoenix Youtie A multimedia art installation combining elements of stained glass, wood, metal and fire to depict a pastoral scene of moths dancing in a flame. AmazeBalls Lisa Phoenix Youtie Ginormous mirror balls that shoot fire “Gilly” and the “Twins” Orion Fredericks Three high power combustion fire sculptures, alien in nature. “Screen Ceiling” Ihara Dutra Imagine a dome. Imagine you enter the dome and find an LED ceiling full of color, and a wall that invites you to play with it. Now imagine when you “touch” the projection, the LED screens in the ceiling react to it. Now you are operating the light show; Yay!