Date(s) - 10/01/2021
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Burn Pit


Forest of Interactive Radical Expression
This is an open call art build that takes place IN the burn field throughout the event. A collection of wood will be available for the participants of SNRG to use to build the “trees” of the “forest.”
Everyone is invited to come down to the burn field and build anything they’d like using materials, construction assistance, and tools provided by the spirits of the forest (a crew of people with enough experience to guide others in the process)
Create an art piece of your choosing, built by you, from the available materials.
Collectively, the trees grown from the roots of your own radical expression, populate the forest! The goal of the Forest of Interactive Radical Expression is to give to everyone a chance to experience the burnable art building process firsthand.
If you have it, we encourage you to bring your own safety gear and wear it proudly – hard hats, safety vests, safety goggles, ear protection, etc. Some will be provided
We start at the open of SNRG, take breaks at 4:20, stop for sunsets, and end when we end