Date(s) - 10/02/2021
11:11 AM - 12:12 PM

The (Original) Rootist Lounge


~Rootist Yoga~ a style of yoga that is intentionally designed with sequences that help to
facilitate energetic clearing, energy flow and manifestation. It will incorporate various styles of yoga & pranayama
techniques to help foster a stronger core, increase strength, and open/balance chakra energies. The workshop
incorporates core strengthening exercises, pranayama, group asanas, connected yoga, sound
vibrational tuning and resetting of frequencies.
The workshop is open to all levels of yogis who wish to attend & is a great way to start the day.
♥ We are looking forward to sharing space with each of you ♥
At the close of yoga class, enjoy a Sound Bath ~ we will blast tuned music notes through your body. Your water
molecules will be greatly affected. There is 100% noticeable & feel positive difference. Don’t miss this sound healing gift ♥