Emerge by Danielle Duffey

There is a unique opportunity to have your art installation, theme camp, mutant vehicle or performance partially funded.  Our event is funded by ticket sales and after costs there is some left over which is fed back into the event as grants.

What can be funded?
Here are some examples of what can be considered for art grants:

    • Large scale art – sculptures, paintings, murals, erected structures
    • Theme camps – interactive elements (some restrictions apply)

  • Performances – eg plays, bands, comedy, educational seminars
  • Flame effects & Fire art
  • Incidentals – eg propane, transport costs (some restrictions apply)

What isn’t funded?

  • Payment for individual performers (eg we need $20k to bring out this DJ)
  • Payment to rent or power sound equipment
  • Payment for labor costs (eg to hire people, or to pay people to work)

What we fund

  • Cost of materials based on a receipt from a reputable business
  • Other considerations on a case by case basis