The city is run and built by volunteers. If you would like to get involved in the creation, running or tear down please fill out an application or contact a volunteer at the event.

Available Areas:

Gate Crew / Greeters:  Gate Crew will get people to fill out their forms, present their tickets and get them ready for their adventure and then pass you to the Greeters.  Greeters are the “real” introductions to our city.  Greeters will welcome you with a hug, a shot (if you want), or a spanking (again, if you want).

Placement:  Placement works with larger camps to make sure you know where your home is and that your neighbor isn’t going to be playing dub-step remixes of Seasame Street songs at 1 in the morning… unless you are into that sorta thing.

Medical / Emergency Response: With the amount of people attending our event, trained medical and emergency response staff is a necessity.  A first aid kit will not cut it. If you have the skills (e.g. EMT Basic Certification) with experience and would like to volunteer for a shift then your services would be greatly appreciated.

Communications: Communications is a key part of the operation of the event. Communications keep the Medical/Emergency Response teams, as well as Rangers, in contact with local emergency services.

Ranger:  A Rangers job is to uphold the principles of Burning Man.  They address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts.  We are looking for not only seasoned Black Rock Rangers, but regional Rangers who are interested in learning how to be mediators in khaki.

Sanctuary: Sanctuary is a safe space at SNRG provided for those who need support during times of distress. When things are overwhelming, or you are having uncomfortable experiences we are a judgement free space offering peer-to-peer support.

And other opportunities await:

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